QuiTruss was formed to resolve the imbalance between supply and demand for manufacturing building wood trusses. As an engineering firm, Licensed Structural Engineers, Inc. was exposed to numerous inquiries for truss plans by contractors or owners who weren’t able to find a local vendor to buy the trusses they needed quickly. This was due to an increased truss demand in multiple markets, especially in Florida, but also in TX, GA, and CA. As a result and with the hard work of our engineers, especially under the direction of the CEO Dr. Emad Mousavi (P.E.), a new venture was born with a special focus on quick delivery of wood trusses. QuiTruss uses a proprietary technology to make and deliver trusses at construction sites in FL, TX, and CA. Our solution involves a unique process that makes both the manufacturing and delivery of the trusses fast and efficient.

Every truss is made in compliance with the applicable local building codes and comes with signed and sealed blueprints and a certification letter by a licensed structural engineer.